Cordskinz and Sweat~O~Pause

These days who doesn’t own a pair or two of headphones?  Well I own several pair since I lose them often or they short out on me when I am too hard on them. I have a feeling these super creative people I’m featuring on here are geniuses! Just another couple of things I wish I had thought of and mass produced! Anyway, back on the topic. Cordskinz are thick plastic coverings that go around your headphone cords and keep them from tangling up and protect them. See, Genius! And a woman! Girl Power!!! Way to go Pricilla Paquin! If I can figure out how to put them on, anyone can. You can find them on Amazon (The Shipping Gods) or just click here and buy some. At only $9.99 a set they are affordable enough to have multiples!

Now let’s talk to all the ladies out there who are hot natured or are going through “The Change”… Ladies, I totally understand! At 26 I had a hysterectomy and let me tell you being hot natured and having hot flashes are not fun! Well another genius out there has come up with the wearable way to stay cool and be discreet about those hot flashes! God Bless Renee Hanson! She has created the Sweat~O~Pause which you can wear as a scarf or headband to quickly cool your body temperature down 30% just by wetting the coolcore fabric and putting it on! It’s that simple! They come in super cute solids and fun prints that will make any woman sigh in relief. Plus they are machine washable and you just hang them out to dry! Something I can’t even mess up! And because they never wash out you only need to buy the colors or patterns you love (good luck just picking one). They are $30 each but they last a very long time! I can’t wait to wear mine everywhere! So when you see me with a hot pink bracelet tied on my wrist you know that I am very warm and am cooling down! Find them on Social media @sweatopause or to shop go to

Both of these items by the way are great stocking stuffers for Christmas or great gifts for friends or loved ones! Let me know if you try them out!

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